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Internet campaigns

Internet marketing is a tool thanks to which you can expand the group of potential customers using modern communication channels. If you want to exist in the network and build your image there, you need to start working. Check what Internet campaigns are a must.

Google Ads – search engine internet campaigns

If you want to increase your visibility in the search engine, you should bet on a Google Ads campaign. It’s a great solution for those who do not want to wait months for positioning effects. Thanks to paid advertising, your website will appear in search results for specific keywords.

What does it look like from the user’s point of view?
Enters a specific keyword into Google search engine, e.g. cross-country skis. Ads appear at the very top of the search results – they have a green label ‘advertisement’. By clicking, you are directed to the website. For users, Google Ads look exactly the same as organic results. However, they display above organic results, making them more visible.

It is worth noting that thanks to Google Ads you can use other forms of advertising – both in Google search engine and YouTube.

Text ad for mobile devices
It allows the user to call the searched company by phone. Thanks to this, you can make quick contact, e.g. if you want to order a pizza, make some extra keys, rent a car.

Dynamic ad
It’s also a type of text ad, but the way it is created is slightly different from standard ads. In this case, the advertiser indicates only one description line, while the headline, landing page and keywords are chosen by Google.

Advertising on YouTube
This is an offer for companies that have video material at their disposal. You can choose from: 6-second non-negligible movies, longer commercials appearing as “cutscenes”, films appearing as suggestions for further video materials.

Advertising in Gmail
Advertising messages can go directly to the user’s mailbox. By clicking on them, the recipient is redirected to a specific website.

Advantages of Google Ads

In Google Ads, although it is a paid advertising campaign, it is worth investing. This option has many benefits and is extremely effective.

Long range
The ad reaches a very wide group of users, including potential customers. All they have to do is enter certain keywords in the search engine and your ad will appear.

Quick effects
Google Ads allows you to achieve quick results – unlike for positioning. In this case, the website appears at the very top of the search results even the next day after creating the campaign. So you don’t have to wait many months for the site to appear in TOP10. It’s a great solution for companies that are just starting to implement an online campaign.

The campaign can be adapted to the budget
Keyword Planner is a tool that allows you to estimate the cost of advertising using a specific phrase. Thanks to this, you can plan your campaign without exceeding your budget.

Convenient effects monitoring
Ads displayed as part of Google Ads can be constantly monitored and analyzed. This allows you to estimate the profitability of the campaign and make modifications if necessary.

You can use Google Ads yourself. However, if you are taking the first steps in this field, it is better to ask a specialist for support. You can apply to a certified agency that will carry out an effective campaign for you – in line with your goal.

Content marketing

Content marketing is an alternative to traditional forms of advertising. It allows you to expand your customer base through valuable content published in many places on the Internet. It has long been known that direct advertising messages are no longer valid. Nobody wants to be “attacked” by intrusive ads, which is why they are immediately rejected by the recipients. It is completely different in the case of content marketing – here valuable content is intertwined with a subtle incentive to take advantage of the company’s offer.

As statistics show:
– up to 95% of buyers gain confidence in the company after having familiarized themselves with the content available on the web,
– as much as 96% of users search for information on products / services from industry leaders.

Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of the opportunities hidden in content marketing and strive to become an expert in the eyes of recipients.

Types of content marketing tools
Content provided to users may take various forms. You don’t have to limit yourself to one thing – it’s worth carrying out on several levels at the same time.

Company blog
You can share your knowledge through blog articles. Good if they have a guide form – it increases the chance of being interested in entries. Choose relevant topics from the point of view of potential customers.

They are an alternative to stationary conferences and seminars because they are conducted online. The advantage is the ability to conduct a dialogue with a potential customer, which increases his involvement.

Thematic articles on external websites
Thematic articles published on external portals (also as sponsored articles) increase brand awareness and at the same time build the image of an expert.

E-books are the content of presenting in the form of guides, reports and many other publications – longer than standard articles. Shared on the web, e.g. in exchange for providing an email address, provide a lot of interesting industry information. Publishing e-books on the Internet helps in: generating leads, building the image of an expert, promoting the company. All this will translate into increased sales.

Advantages of content marketing
Content marketing has many advantages, thanks to which the conducted Internet campaign will achieve the assumed business goals.

You increase communication range
You can expect an increase in website traffic. If the messages are really good, the content has a chance to spread virally, reaching a very wide audience.

You are strengthening your position on Google
Google loves valuable content that is useful to users. That is why published articles – on blogs or external websites – can contribute to an increase in position in search results.

You inspire consumer confidence
Providing useful content that helps solve a specific problem helps build consumer confidence. By becoming loyal recipients, sooner or later they will transform into active clients.

You will become an industry expert
By publishing high-quality content – on a blog, external sites, etc. – you appear as a specialist in the industry. In this way, you not only build brand awareness, but also inspire trust. This translates into an increase in orders – shopping with an expert is a guarantee of safety and good choice.

Do not think about this form of online campaign. Content marketing allows you to get up to three times more potential customers than paid search engine advertising. Develop a strategy (alone or with a content marketing agency), and then start acting.


Most of the users are active in social media, with Facebook leading the way. So it’s worth running an online campaign there to reach a wide range of potential customers.

The basis of any actions is the creation of Fanpage (FP) – a website through which regular and potential customers will communicate with the company. However, it will be useful not only for establishing relationships with recipients and engaging them in activities. It is also invaluable when you intend to use paid advertising displayed as sponsored.

A Facebook campaign may include:
– systematic conducting of FP – among others adding entries about your offer, what is happening in the company, etc.,
– paid advertising – can be displayed on the user’s board as a sponsored offer or in the box on the right.

Types of campaigns on FB
If you want to make the most of Facebook, set your goal first. Depending on whether you want to convert, build brand awareness or post related activities, for example, different types of campaigns will work.

You can choose:
– website promotion,
– promotion of posts,
– clicks.

Advantages of an internet campaign on Facebook
The presence of the company on Facebook and running an advertising campaign brings many benefits.

Real-time interaction
Facebook allows you to interact with users in real time. This has a positive effect on the image and at the same time allows for quick matching of products / services according to the clients’ needs.

The opportunity to increase brand awareness
You increase brand awareness thanks to posts and paid advertising. The company becomes recognizable, which increases the chance of gaining new customers. It is worth remembering to provide recipients with quick answers, place interesting content, etc. Positive experiences will help to achieve the set goals.

Access to analytical tools
By running a Facebook campaign, you gain access to practical analytical tools. Thanks to this, you can evaluate user behavior, post reach, number of likes, shares, etc. This allows you to modify campaigns to ensure their highest efficiency.

Campaigns in other social media

You can also be active in other social media. Being on Instagram is a great solution if, for example, you run a restaurant, clothing boutique, jewelry store, etc.

It is also worth to mark your presence in LinkedIn – especially if you make B2B offers with your offer. The internet campaign on this website allows for high precision targeting, which translates into the possibility of reaching even a very narrow group of specialists. You can run the internet campaigns presented above at the same time. Such multifaceted action will help achieve business goals in a much shorter time.

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