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Content commerce – what is it?

Are you looking for a way to increase traffic and conversions? Do you want to take care of image issues by doing good PR? Get to know the essence of content commerce – it’s a solution that will help you reach Internet users, turning them into real customers. Check what it is about.

Content commerce – what is it?

Content marketing is one of the leading marketing strategies that is responsible for the needs of the target audience. It is an alternative to classic advertising, which – by encouraging people to buy – has often discouraged placing orders in practice. And it is from this strategy that content commerce is derived – a technique that allows you to acquire users through high-quality content.

How does content commerce work?

Content commerce operates on a similar principle as content marketing and at the same time contains elements of affiliate marketing. The essence is creating various types of content with affiliate links. The user who hits the text clicks on the link, as a result of which the texts begin to earn.

How does it look in practice? Let’s say you sell drones. You are preparing an article comparing specific equipment models. The user interested in the purchase will be happy to read the guide, then click on the link and move to the store’s offer. This will increase the chance of making a purchase. The content will not reach a random person, but the user actually interested in the transaction. Thanks to practical advice or reviews, he will know what equipment will meet his expectations. Clicks on the appropriate link to be taken to the store where he can make the transaction. The whole process takes place with just a few clicks, which also positively affects the purchasing decision.

What are the benefits of content commerce?

Content commerce is a solution that brings many benefits. It allows you to achieve your business goals, i.e. increase sales, strengthen your image, etc. And all this in a completely unobtrusive manner and directed primarily towards the needs and expectations of the customer.

That is why content commerce is a great alternative, thanks to which you can attract customers by turning them into real users. The technique assumes providing high-quality, personalized content – one that will be useful from the point of view of a potential buyer.

Does content commerce work?

Well-conducted activities in the field of content commerce certainly bring satisfactory results. This is also confirmed by the results of the study carried out by – the conversion provided by partner platforms recommending products from stores is up to 5.44% higher compared to organic traffic. This is due to several reasons:

– content and links reach people who may be interested in promoted products,
– the advertisement has a pleasant form – it is not an intrusive message, but it carries valuable content.

Content commerce helps you get higher positions on Google

Good quality content has always been appreciated by Google. That is why valuable texts that are properly saturated with keywords have considerable potential from the point of view of positioning. Google’s algorithms distinguish high-quality content that gets higher positions in search results. This allows you to reach the top of the search engine, which increases the chance of users reaching texts with affiliate links.

Content commerce in the service of the image

Activities carried out as part of content commerce are also conducive to image. Thanks to high quality texts, the user does not look at the company only as a seller. In his eyes he also appears as an expert who provides a lot of useful and valuable content. This, in turn, can increase sales. Good texts provided by an expert build a sense of security, which at the same time encourages subsequent visits to the store. Instead of looking for another seller, they will go back to the expert they know – a reliable company you can rely on.

It is worth emphasizing that image support under content commerce also applies to increasing product visibility. This is due to the fact that information on the subject of sale reaches a much larger group of potential recipients.

Content commerce – where to start?

Content commerce is a solution that anyone can use. The starting point is valuable content – preferably in the form most accessible to a potential customer. A good option will be:

– guides
– rankings,
– reviews,
– statements.

The content should include affiliate links to specific products. Thanks to this it will be known which texts are responsible for a significant part of sales.

As a salesperson, you can join affiliate agencies that specialize in content commerce. Thanks to this, you will reach a group of potential customers, achieving your marketing and sales goals. This is a step in the right direction – especially if they are able to ensure cooperation between online stores and publishers.

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