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Paid search dominating the advertising channel!

Recent research shows that paid search is still the dominant online promotional channel. Advertisers have invested as much as 39% of their total budget in this way. The report was prepared by The collected data came from over 1,500 American and British digital marketing specialists in the B2B and B2C sectors. Interestingly, there was also an increase in spending on promotion in other services.

Instagram is growing in strength

Paid social media campaigns occupy the second place in the statistics. They account for 18% of the total budget. The authors of the report emphasized the growing expenses on Instagram. This trend probably resulted from the extension of total budgets. It is less likely that the change resulted in a reduction in expenditure on other platforms.

Advertisers are betting on Amazon

The report also showed that 60% of respondents intend to get involved in advertising on Amazon. What’s more, 55% of respondents chose this platform because they see considerable potential in it. One in four people plans to increase the number of purchases at the bottom of the funnel in this way.

Interesting conclusions

Google is the most trusted platform among advertisers. 98% of respondents gave a 4 rating on a 5-point scale. 84% of respondents who currently use paid search use or intend to try new responsive ads in the Google environment. 65% of respondents say that their companies will more often reach for graphic advertising. 32% consider video to be the most effective advertising format on social media. Graphic ads got 26%, Instagram stories 23%, and carousel 19%.

And what do paid search specialists think?

PPC ads are still the most frequently chosen digital marketing channel mainly due to immediate effects. Unlike e.g. positioning, which is a long-term process, a significant increase in website traffic, and sometimes sales, can be seen after the first month of operation. Paid search and paid social ads allow excellent measurability, so we can react immediately to systematically increase the conversion rate. Thanks to the huge user base, Google and Facebook algorithms can reach precisely even every niche target group. Google is constantly enriching its offer addressed to advertisers, enabling even perfect matching of the channel and type of creation to the industry and customer requirements. Due to the growing importance of machine learning in online campaigns for several years, we are able to optimize PPC advertising costs even more effectively. In this way, we can place the budget in the most favorable places and with even greater accuracy. Such activities allow for systematic raising of ROI.

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