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Online store advertising – costs and time

Online purchases are made by more and more people who use the Internet, and this percentage is growing every year. Therefore, the number of online stores is also increasing, and hence the competition. If you also run an online store, you probably know well how difficult it is to break through with your offer to the customer – even if you offer unusual goods at a good price. The way to increase reach and conversion is to plan your online store advertising well. How much will it cost and how long will it take?

Online store advertisement

This is a mandatory element of the promotional strategy – regardless of whether you are just starting out in the world of e-commerce, or have been running it for a long time, gaining good results. Your competition is not asleep, so you need to ensure effective communication with customers – potential, but also current and those who have purchased from you in the past.

However, you may wonder what the costs of such an investment will be and, equally important, how long it will take to lead customers through the marketing funnel towards the finalization of the transaction. The answer is short: it depends. If you expect unambiguous, very specific information, well. This does not exist, because there are many factors to consider when estimating costs and payback times. What? About this in a moment.

What does the online store advertisement look like in practice?

Before you even start thinking about the time and costs that effective online store advertising requires, it’s worth realizing how broad this concept is. There are many ways to promote an e-store on the Web. The most important are:

Google Ads

How can customers get information that you run an online store and offer the products they need? One of the key search channels is of course Google. You use it yourself when you are interested in specific products.

As part of Google Ads, you have a number of options.

First: AdWords campaigns (Google Ads), i.e. sponsored links. What is the point Simply put, when a user enters the keyword for which your store is being promoted, a link to it will appear above the organic search results. It’s a simple and quite effective way to increase conversions in a short time.

Secondly: banner campaigns on external portals – the advertisement will be displayed on various types of websites that work with Google Ads, and you will pay for page views / clicks on them. This method of promotion is quite effective especially if you decide on the version using remarketing mechanisms.

And what is remarketing itself? It is a strategy based on displaying personalized advertisements to recipients – matched, among others to what they were looking for online before. For example, if a potential customer visited your store and viewed specific products, remarketing mechanisms will allow them to display banners with advertising on this topic. Thanks to this, step by step, it will move deeper into the marketing funnel, towards the final finalization of the transaction.

It is also worth mentioning the relatively new tool, which is Google Shopping. After setting up your campaign, your product offer, along with the price and a direct link to the purchase will be displayed in the search results.


An equally important aspect associated with online store advertising is visibility in search engines. The higher it is, the better organic reach you get. As a result, what is important, the cost of advertising campaigns themselves can be lowered, because activities through different channels will support each other.

In this aspect, it is worth ensuring above all the optimization and positioning of the online store – including preparation of unique content for descriptions of categories, subcategories, and if the budget allows you – also products. Equally important is the expansion of the blog (with long-tail positioning in mind) or building valuable links.

Online store advertisement in social media

This is not just about running a store fanpage on Facebook, although it is of course the basis of all activities. In the case of e-stores, however, paid promotion is important, especially since this portal provides many attractive opportunities for e-commerce. In addition to the typical ads in the style of “sponsored links” / banners, which go to the column next to the main, or news feed, sponsored posts play an important role. They can take different forms – including e.g. carousel with products.

On Facebook, you can also use remarketing mechanisms, and because of how popular social media are, investment in promotion through this channel will pay off.

How much does it cost and how long will it take?

As you can see, in this sea of possibilities it is quite easy to get lost – especially since in the case of PPC campaigns or Facebook advertising, the system leaves you almost complete freedom in determining the parameters of the campaign, including its budget, as well as its duration.

Of course, you can be tempted to experiment and set everything yourself. Nevertheless, if you are not an experienced marketer, it is very likely that … you will throw money away or achieve less than you could by investing a similar amount in cooperation with professionals.

Together with experts:
– circle target groups and customer persona – so as to be able to direct the campaign to recipients with high potential,
– you estimate what budget will allow you to increase ranges for those you jointly set up – the sum depends, among others by store size, planned ROI or competition in your industry,
– set the duration of individual stages of the campaign and its course.

Specialists will also conduct analytical activities on an ongoing basis to check how the published ads are received and, if necessary, modify their content or form to obtain better results.

As you can see, to find out how long your online store ad will last and how long it will take for you to see measurable effects, it’s best to talk when looking at a specific store. Therefore, contact our specialists without obligation and you will receive detailed information.

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