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Facebook Blueprint – Facebook certificates and course of exams

For several years, Facebook has been providing exams as part of the Facebook Blueprint Certification program to specialists. These certificates are dedicated to specialists managing Facebook Ads campaigns and programmers. They differ in their level of sophistication and requirements for additional skills, such as knowledge of given programming languages.

Facebook Blueprint – available certificates

Level Associate:
– Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate

Level Professional:
– Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional
– Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional
– Facebook Certified Marketing Science Professional (Pilot, available only on individual invitation, related to data analysis and visualization, requiring, among others, knowledge of Python, MySQL, and Big Data issues)

Level Developer
– Facebook Certified Ads Product Developer
– Facebook Certified Ads Product Developer II
– Facebook Certified Ads Product Developer III

What is the exam process in Facebook Blueprint?

The exam conditions are very precisely defined by Facebook. If we fail to do so, we may be disqualified, so you should read them well before taking the exam.

You can use the option of taking an exam at work. The conditions for taking the test are to disable all programs and applications, stay in a room where there is nobody else. During the exam, we are observed by the examiner, who can ask to show any place in the room at any time through a webcam built into the laptop. He may also notice when we make any “suspicious move”

Facebook Certified Ads Product Developer I

Facebook Certified Ads Product Developer I is a certificate that was created in place of the former Facebook Bronze Certification. To obtain a certificate, you must complete two parts: a multiple-choice test and an exercise in which a previously created pixel should be installed on the test page, along with several selected events, parameters, a code responsible for advanced matching, and a pixel should be connected to the directory on FB. The exam is a condition of joining Facebook Marketing Partners, and checks knowledge of:

– creating and managing Business Manager and its resources
– creation and implementation of the FB pixel, along with all available events and parameters, and the use of custom conversions
– creating catalogs and catalog-based campaigns
– understanding and implementing processes related to (Advanced Matching) in manual or automatic implementation
– connecting the FB pixel to the catalog
– solving problems related to incorrect pixel implementation,
– troubleshooting problems related to directory errors
– solving problems related to problems connecting pixel signals with products from the catalog

Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional

Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional is an exam for people professionally managing Facebook ads. The exam covers issues in the field of planning, setting, optimization and reporting of campaigns. Exam questions concern practical issues, most of them contain a description of an imaginary situation and possible variants of behavior in it.

Unlike the Product Ads Developer exam, in this case, we can start with a mock exam with 30 questions, the result of which has no effect on the final exam.

How much does the Facebook Bluprint certificate cost?

Each exam takes $ 75.

How do you study for the Facebook exam?

I describe the level of difficulty of both exams as high – certainly, in order to approach it at all, it is necessary to have practical experience in working with various types of campaigns. On the Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional exam, the questions cover a whole spectrum of topics, including reach and frequency campaigns, unavailable for most accounts. In order to take the exam, in my opinion it is necessary:

– reworking the Blueprint course
– min. 1-2 years of experience working with different types of campaigns and on large budgets, regular use of different types of campaign optimization, regular testing of new solutions
– understanding the optimization rules, the ability to respond appropriately if the campaign does not go according to plan – e.g. if the result is not adequate, or if the campaign does not spend the budget

For the Facebook Product Ads Developer I certification exam, it is necessary to have experience with the implementation of the pixel along with all events and parameters, on various CMSs and directly in the code. Unfortunately, after all we do not get information as to where we made mistakes.

Pros and cons of the exam process itself?

After the exam, we wait up to a few minutes for the result and it’s hard for me to imagine that anyone at that time would be sure of success. The level of difficulty of the questions is high, therefore passing the exam gives enormous satisfaction and certainty that we do our work at a high level.

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