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Effective advertising on Facebook

Facebook is a phenomenon – the university portal founded in 2004 at Harvard by Mark Zuckerberg has turned into a real internet hegemon for years. Can a modern company afford to not use this form of marketing? Is effective advertising on Facebook for you?

Social networks are incredibly lively – certain tendencies, hashtags, challenge, fashion can last only a moment, then disappear. This state of affairs can be a blame and a blessing for people who run their business account on Facebook. If you can react quickly and connect to global or national trends, to make a piece of a promotional cake for yourself, it’s not a problem. If, however, a relationship with the Zuckerberg portal is an unpleasant necessity for you, you have to overcome and put on classic or innovative ways to promote yourself on Facebook.

The first point of effective advertising on Facebook – an interesting, often updated fanpage

It is a truism to remind you that promoting your business on Facebook is only possible if you have a company fanpage. Of course, sometimes it is worth repeating to realize how important is an aesthetic, interesting and often updated company website, on which should appear not only strictly marketing materials, but also fun, content-related or interesting content that engages the community.

Content marketing is based on these types of activities, which are based on establishing a relationship with the recipient, talking to him and giving him ready-made solutions. And this is how a fanpage should be run – with respect to the recipient, with a lot of interesting materials, direct returns and promotions for the most engaged fans (which is easy to measure, taking into account the number of likes, sharing or comments).

Fanpage like your website should be aesthetic and substantive. If you do not have too much time to run your account and prepare appropriate posts, graphics and videos, you should use the help of interactive agencies that can conduct your fanpage in a specialized and effective way. There is nothing more discouraging than rare updates, messy graphics and non-aggressive posts with bugs, which can happen when you keep your account from the rush. However, it is worth taking a close look at the agency before making a decision to cooperate so that you do not accidentally enter the mine, as was the case with the cooperation of the Tiger energy drink producer with one of the companies dealing with their accounts on social networks.

Effective advertising on Facebook is the tools of Audience Insights and Ads Manager

Facebook gives you great opportunities to target your marketing content to specific target groups. By using a tool such as Facebook Ads Manager and Audience Insights, you can use your advertising slots, taking into account:

– sex of recipients,
– age, place of residence,
– education,
– marital status,
– interests,
– liked pages.

By defining the target group, effective advertising on facebook is more likely because no funds are allocated for unsuccessful campaigns, targeted at a wide range of people who will not be completely interested in your services or products. If as a receiving group of your advertising content you are interested in married women between 40-55, who are close to the garden, you can direct your sponsored posts to them. However, like any algorithm, Facebook’s advertising tools are not perfect. There is a chance that your advertising materials may appear on the boards of people who will not be interested in your offer or even hostile to a similar form of promotion.

Many, especially young users of social networking sites approach sponsored materials with a certain amount of distrust or even cynicism. Hence, it is worth using substantive and interesting advertising forms, for example in the form of video content marketing, which will not leave too much room for quotes and negative comments. However, if the post is displayed on the boards of people who will quickly share their tart and unpopular opinion, it is worth reacting calmly, not responding emotionally or clichédly. The ability to clash with even unjustified criticism is an important element of building the company’s image. Recipients appreciate brands that can come out with class even from the worst oppression, caused for example by a troll web gang.

Continuous contact with recipients and linking to your website

Your promotional activities can not be closed only on Facebook. It is also worth to use the linked to the Zuckerberg portal Instagram, Youtube or of course your website. In posts on Facebook, it’s worth using linking to your website, so that part of the scope can be redirected to it. Internet marketing should be as diversified as possible, but it is Facebook, thanks to the almost monopoly position it has developed, that you have to choose as the center of your advertising activities. You can use for this, apart from interesting sponsored posts or a diligently run fanpage, also the so-called market place, which allows you to directly sell your products on the portal.

Facebook seriously joined in the fight, wanting to become thanks to the market place specem option also in the classifieds section. Many of the recipients can only reach your company account without going to the site, so it’s good to give them the opportunity to buy your products directly on Facebook.

It’s also good to keep in touch with people who like your company page. It’s unacceptable to not receive private messages or comments. Every client wants to feel special, so you have to treat him like that, meeting his needs and answering even the most schematic messages and questions.

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