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Online store advertisement on Facebook – is it worth it?

Did you know that Facebook turned 15 this year? Perhaps this is why an increasing number of people find it difficult to imagine the Internet without this portal. At the end of last year, it was already used by over 2.27 billion users in the world. These data alone show how great the marketing potential lies in this social medium. The question, however, is advertising an online store on Facebook really a good solution?

Online store advertisement on Facebook

It is worth answering the above question immediately: yes, advertising an online store on Facebook is a good solution. Provided that … your campaign will be well planned and carried out.

Online store advertisement on Facebook – what tools does this portal give?

Although Facebook began its presence on the Web as a portal connecting friends, today it is for Internet users not only a source of news from friends’ lives, but also knowledge about what is happening in the world or entertainment. From a business perspective, the website created by Mark Zuckerberg is a great tool for:

– image communication with recipients – including in order to build and maintain long-term relationships,
– obtaining leads,
– advertising your products and services.

So, as you can see, you can promote your brand here in many different ways – also using tools available at no extra charge. The portal itself also offers a wide range of opportunities to benefit from paid promotions, ideal especially when you run an e-commerce business.

Your ad can:

Be placed in many places of the portal
You can decide, for example, on the mobile MarketPlace, news feed (news) or the right column of the website, where e.g. remarketing banners may appear. Ads on Facebook Stories or Messenger are also becoming more and more popular.

Take various forms
If you decide on an ad that will go to the main Facebook section, it can take a variety of shapes, including image (single graphics) or video material. An online store advertisement on Facebook often takes the form of the so-called collection or carousel – they allow the customer to present specific products, including those he himself was looking for earlier.

Such great freedom allows you to plan campaigns of various types – the portal itself gives you the opportunity to set a goal. In the case of the e-commerce industry, campaigns are most often conducted with the intention of increasing the reach and brand recognition, or achieving a specific conversion.

Why is advertising of an e-store in social media profitable?

The huge number of Facebook users and a wide range of possibilities when creating advertising materials offered by the portal are not the only advantages of using this form of promotion on the Web. Your e-store can also benefit from it because:

you can precisely specify who the campaign will be targeted at – the website gives you the opportunity to choose the recipients to display the ad, e.g. by location, gender, age group or interests. Of course, in order to achieve certain effects in this respect, it is necessary to prepare the campaign assumptions and its specific strategy in advance,

you can control the results of online store advertising on Facebook – the website itself provides rich information about how your advertising is received and what actions the recipients take on it,

you have the opportunity to conduct effective remarketing activities – installing the Facebook pixel and using the so-called events means that you can effectively and automatically build a remarketing group, which will cause that ads on Facebook will display information related to their visits to your website. Facebook also implements other tools when implementing remarketing campaigns, including information from cookies to enhance conversion,

you gain good control over your budget – you can set it on a daily or lifetime basis, i.e. until the end of the campaign.

So, as you can see, the benefits of using promotions on this social network can be huge.

How can you get the most out of your FB ad?

Online store advertising on Facebook has great potential. However, you must remember that the world of e-commerce is growing in competition. And if so, it’s getting harder to break through to the client. Therefore, preparing and configuring promotional campaigns on Facebook alone can be quite a risky game. Incompetent setting of its parameters or choosing messages with low potential for conversion will make you … throw money away and you will not achieve the intended goals.

It is for this reason that an increasing number of entrepreneurs running e-stores are deciding to cooperate with industry specialists. It’s worth it because the experts:

– analyze the advertising potential of your store,
– together with you, they set specific, measurable and realistic goals for running the promotion,
– they will help clarify the target groups of clients and circle the persons to whom specific messages will be directed,
– they will deal with the configuration of your e-store advertising campaign from the technical side – they will also help with remarketing activities,
– they choose appropriate communication channels and forms of contact with recipients,
– they will help to set a campaign budget, which on the one hand will fit into your financial capabilities, and on the other will allow achieving measurable benefits,
– will monitor the campaign progress and effectiveness on an ongoing basis – if necessary, make changes to it so that the conversion level increases constantly.

Do you want to promote your store using the possibilities offered by Facebook? Contact the experts and see what we can do for you. We will help you fully use the potential of advertising in social media.

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