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Video content marketing – is it worth implementing it in business promotion?

Video content marketing is still a new way to diversify your promotional activities and meet the changing trends in the use of the Internet. 79% of Internet users prefer to watch advertising video materials than read product descriptions. Your business should respond to this content revolution.

Americans are one of the busiest nations and for some life goes on to the rhythm of 12-hour work, short free time and sleep. Leading such a lifestyle, it is very difficult to find time to read long advertising texts, carefully study the benefits of products or learn about the detailed history of the company. You should also take into account the fact that youtube is the second largest internet search engine in the world, and many people looking for information or advice, will choose video-guides rather than long blocks of texts. Among others That is why it is worth thinking about video content marketing strategy, which can bring a real increase in company profits and greater recognition.

Video content marketing – where to start?

Similarly to traditional text advertising forms, video content marketing is used to promote the brand, create a coherent image of the company and products, and engage the recipients appropriately. However, visual materials have the advantage over “Gutenberg’s invention” that they are much easier to code in the minds of buyers and can be shared freely. Marketing videos can also stimulate customers to create their own materials, which will tie them to a particular brand more. Video marketing content should not be identified with advertising spots, which since the 1940s began to appear on television and from the beginning had to use the abbreviation due to high antenna prices.

This type of online marketing can afford to play with form or longer materials (although the internet also likes speed – according to research, recipients believe that the perfect instructional video should have about a minute). He can also take various formulas – from an interesting story about the company’s beginnings, through the so-called testimonials and ending with interesting reports. Thanks to such activities, you can escape from the marketing cliché and establish a positive relationship with the client – when an advertising film is published on Youtube, it can be rated, commented and shared, which promotes interaction with the recipients.

How much does video content marketing cost?

To attract customers thanks to video marketing, you need to spend more money than is the case with written forms of promotion, which are ordered for a small amount of money in content agencies. Of course, you can try to run an effective video marketing campaign yourself – but you’ll need the right ideas, scripts, equipment, actors and a lot of free time. Ordering an interactive agency film strategy is not cheap, but the game is worth the candle, because 74% of customers reveal that they once made a purchase after watching the video materials published by the company.

Types of advertising video materials

Video content marketing is developing so rapidly that it has already acquired its own genres. The most popular of them are:

Tutorials – Many private Youtube users decide to share their knowledge by recording tutorial videos from their favorite areas. Some gentlemen talk about how to lay tiles, some ladies give advice on makeup or fashion. Your company can also share with the recipients various video guides related to your industry. By giving the customer something of their own, the image of his brand warms up.

Testimonials – this type of advertising video material invites its real customers who are already kind of lovers of your brand. An honest story about your relationship with a given product or service and about the life changes that have been made thanks to them makes an impression on the recipients. If such material is implemented in an unpretentious way, it is easy to convince new customers thanks to it.

Funny / emotional movies – nothing draws the attention of the recipients like emotional and humorous advertising materials. Such movies can be very short and good, as if they were an incentive for the recipients to create their own materials. With a little luck, you can create a low-cost series that will be viral.

Reportages – this type of video content marketing activity requires a lot of investment and is intended for larger companies. In this type of materials, a scrap of reality associated with the brand is selected and the reportage is based on it. It does not display the strength of its company’s assets or products, but shows an interesting history of a man, place or phenomenon, talking about his brand only casually. Recipients respect content that is not just a marketing shell.


Research clearly shows how much internet users are focused on receiving video materials and content marketing texts are less important to them. In order to increase the recognition of your brand and the number of visits to the company website, it is worth investing in effective video content marketing.

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