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Content marketing step by step

Content Marketing – what is it?

The content marketing strategy is based on providing various types of attractive website content that may interest the potential recipient of your services or products. Content Marketing Jobs is a very effective strategy for several reasons. Let’s get to know them closer.

Advantages of content marketing

An unquestionable advantage of content marketing is the ability to create content / materials, and then make them available in many channels simultaneously or gradually. When creating content on a blog – such as this one – you use it not only here – you can share this text, for example, on your own LinkedIn channel or on Facebook, and involve your community or new people. This type of content can also be the place you target traffic from, for example, the Google Display Network. It all depends on what content you prepare.

A good example is, for example, video materials that are currently very popular in social networks. This type of format keeps the recipient longer on the site, as well as engages more and better resonates in the consciousness.

The guiding idea for creating this video was to familiarize our clients with the concept of machine learning. We wanted to explain to them as quickly as possible what it is and why it’s a good idea when it comes to running Google Ads campaigns.

What we did in the first place with our clients in mind, we used as self-promotional material, making it available on our Youtube channel, which is the second most-visited “search engine” after Google.

This is not the end of sharing interesting content – our film was also used as a material released on the occasion of women’s day – not only because we wanted to show how great our friends’ charisma – supervisors from Google Ads. Video has been made available both on our Facebook and LinkedIn and accounts of our employees who found the material interesting. Good, not only in our opinion, content went to the world and did a good marketing job. We baked two birds with one stone – we prepared industry-specific, substantive material from our “plot”, providing customers with a range of information and at the same time we showed up with our video in as many as possible online channels.

A variety of methods

Content marketing can be misinterpreted as marketing based only on texts. Nothing could be more wrong. Content marketing basically uses all forms of communication with the recipient on the internet. They will include texts as well as videos, podcasts, webinars, infographics and many, many more. Of course – many of those named received their own names and began to live their own lives. Overall, however, they can be called content marketing.

This is important because every industry has its own specificity and it may turn out that building content on the blog is not the optimal solution in absolutely every situation (the blog is undoubtedly a great way to promote the business).

Let’s assume, however, that you can not afford a multipurpose marketing activity and start with a small product / b2b service. What will be the best then? Perhaps personal branding based on podcasts or fast video content shared on LinkedIn …

Regardless of your needs, you must design content marketing not only in terms of the recipient’s expectations. You should also take into account the place where the network user can search for you and what is important – so that he can do it in his natural conditions.

A response to your needs

In principle, you can assume that what you are reading now is content marketing. At some point, someone acknowledges that he would like to learn something more about something – for example, how to cook tomato soup or which car to choose up to $50,000. In response to a given search engine, the question is whether you receive pages that can help you. Google’s crawlers assess which content may be most useful to you. Factors affecting the visibility of a given page are around 200 and most of the course is not related to the content. However, content is the most important criterion in the assessment.

Good content marketing is the one that first responds to your needs, and secondly: it meshes with the area of your business. Take, for example, an article that you are reading. Your interest in content marketing is due to the fact that you were interested in this form of advertising – you may choose this way to promote your company. We – as the Paraphrase Online – have been active in the advertising industry for many years. There is a chance that after reading this article you will want to get to know other aspects of our business and you will find that for your business type it will be more reasonable to use non-content marketing promotion methods – e.g. Google AdWords or SEO. The content we have prepared will point you perhaps to other areas of our marketing activity, ergo – this text will fulfill its function!

Naturalness of the message

Content marketing is found in different situations, but most often when we are looking for something – answers, recommendations, opinions, explanations. Then marketers serve us with tutorials, tutorials, video reviews. The better we get the recipient’s taste and the more we approach his intentions, the better our content will work. That is why every content marketer should not only have emotional intelligence and be able to extrapolate someone else’s conditions, but also, at least roughly, to be interested in psychology and behavior. Content is one thing, but the reader’s reaction to its contents – the latter. Therefore, it is important that you enable the recipient of the message to take further steps within your environment – for example, sign up for the newsletter, download the guide, “catch” for later remarketing, go through the link to the article, which may also interest him. When creating content marketing, it is always worth taking the role of the recipient, not the creator. The more the plastic mind you have, the better for your content.

The ability to export activities

Another advantage of content marketing is the fact that you do not need to have a personal background in your own company to create it. We can commission a blog, for example, an experienced copywriter who will not only write texts on a recommended subject, but will also search for relevant phrases or topics that will be related to your industry.

Exceptionally, video recording is often outsourced from the company, which is due to the fact that you do not need a film crew, purchased recording equipment or a subscription of machining programs on a daily basis. By engaging in an external entity, you can also entrust him with creating a script and choosing the form of the message.

Nevertheless, before making this kind of cooperation, always consider what you need in terms of the subject, form or length of the video material. You can not grope in the dark, the more that film recording is a costly undertaking.

The image of an expert

A simple matter. If someone does not know something, and you do, then you can use it. The more competent answer or opinion, the better image you can create around yourself or your brand. That is why even the “free” transfer of knowledge has quite a business justification, and finally it just pays off. Classic win-win.

Content marketing 2019/20 and beyond?

In most cases – from getting married to online marketing – blog is a must have. Content marketing is basically a home based on blogging. I still remember the time when blogs were the domain of people who wanted to share their interests with the world and … so much. Nobody thought about monetizing their blogs at the time, and in the womb of companies did not even think about the fact that someone’s work could only consist in writing …


We owe everything to Google’s dominant role in our lives. Over 90% of people are looking for answers here. Thus, companies provide the most popular search engine in our country with more and more content. And for now, there is no indication that this trend should change – with one small caveat. Well, content will have to be more and more synthetic, and their quality as high as possible. Google is developing increasingly better methods of measuring the intentionality of a given user. Soon, it will not provide an adequate response to the whole demographic group or a specific community that is broadly interested in the subject. Google will provide answers that will be tailored to your needs over time. It will also analyze whether you prefer to read more extensive or rather laconic entries. Sam, creating this article, I wonder if this length of my argument will be optimal. Theoretically, the longer the text, the better for the search engine. It has been and has been so far, but now it can be seen that this trend may change in a moment.

Anyway, blogging will be a dominant form of content marketing for a long time – not only because of unflagging popularity, but also because there are few barriers to content creation. Text editors and platforms for sharing different types of materials are now trivial to use. The only limitation is basically just the time we can devote to content marketing.

Nevertheless, blogging starts to have strong competition – video and podcasts. The video, which decided about the popularity of the Youtube search engine, is now strongly pushed through the algorithms of social platforms, including Facebook or LinkedIn. As I wrote earlier, the video format better resonates in the user’s consciousness – it is more vivid, engages for longer, and people are more likely to interact with it.

These factors, supported by social media algorithms, are behind the growing popularity of video-based content marketing.

Increasingly, podcasts are also mentioned more often, although I must admit that I do not see any qualitative differences that would justify the purpose of detaining video in the coming years. Podcasts are currently used in the creation of personal branding and mainly to distinguish a new form of presence on the web. It is definitely easier to record something only by voice than in video format. Perhaps, therefore, in certain situations – such as driving a car or a bus – podcasts will join audiobooks and will be more widely used. I still remain a bit skeptical.

Content marketing – summary

Do this content or not? If you plan to deal only in the future with what you are currently doing, then answer is simple – YES, ABSOLUTELY! Good quality, genuine and, above all, well-embedded content marketing in the long-term will always defend your business, positioning your website and perceiving your products or services. Importantly, once created content will be “worked” for you always (eg in the case of blogging). Of course, remember to update content that is always worth adding to new texts or other forms of content promotion.

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