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SEO billing models

The positioning service involves several billing models. Depending on the preferences of the person providing this service (in the case of freelancers) or the agency and the client using SEO, a model approved by both parties is chosen: for the effect, subscription or a hybrid of both these solutions. The adopted model of settlements may affect the positioning strategy. What does this mean in practice?

SEO billing models and their consequences

The SEO service requires investment, especially at the start, just after signing the contract and auditing the website and links. These investments in the case of a positioning agreement relate to, among others preparation of new content by copywriters (both those that will reach the client’s site and those that will find their use during linking) or planning and performing linking. It will not be a betrayal of the secret that the most of this expenditure is at the start of the contract. This does not mean, however, that they are missing or becoming minimal at further stages of the contract. High-quality positioning facilities are also a permanent position on the expenditure side. Specifically understood savings in this area, expressed in, among others, placing poor quality texts in small amounts or in small quantities or linking from one client site to many clients’ sites (in addition not necessarily thematically related) is a shortcut and it is not for success.

It cannot be denied that the first activities with a fresh contract must be carried out on a grand scale. At this point, the question may arise: will the positioning company stand for such a momentum in the case of a contract that depends on the effect? The first, very low invoices (or lack thereof) mean the need to “credit” the positioning service and the associated tendency to limit positioning work to the economically calculating minimum. It does not have to be synonymous with the needs of the website and the effectiveness of positioning work.

Price means quality

For this reason, we prefer a clear approach to our potential clients. SEO is a service for which the price is linked to the quality and scope of work performed. Our packages clearly and unambiguously present the scope of activities performed, determine what is included in the package chosen by the customer, and what additional activities mean additional costs. There is no reason to believe that SEO, unlike other services, is a charity activity in which the provider of this service has no right to earn. In the case of mobile operators, the customer, choosing the lowest subscription package, will not receive a “no limit” offer and the latest flagship smartphone for a dollar. You can look at the positioning service in a similar way.

Does this mean that these lower SEO packages do not bring value and benefits to their customers choosing? No. We encourage our clients to choose packages that are most adequate to the needs of their businesses and budget options at the same time. Therefore, by presenting SEO packages from the offer, we suggest which package works in the context of which website and type of business (local SEO, for online stores, etc.). We treat it as a convenient signpost among a packet of packets, a hint as to which solution works in certain circumstances.

Preparing the subscription offer, we give our clients transparency, predictability of expenses and a certain level of service. The subscription settlement formula also gives you the freedom to work long-term with more difficult phrases that are included in the positioning contract. In this situation, a set of phrases may correspond to the real needs of the customer, effective promotion, and not a focus on quick reimbursement of incurred costs, which is often achieved in the contract for the effect of using simple and weak in terms of advertising potential phrases that are quick and easy to position.

Currently, the subscription model is gaining popularity, and settlement for the effect is losing importance. This can be associated with, among others with a move away from positioning to a few phrases or treatment of positioning services on the principle of “we will add some links and the effect will do itself”.

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