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Content Marketing as an online advertising tool

This article begins a series of texts on Content Marketing. The first of them is designed to familiarize the reader with this advertising strategy and indicate the reasons for its popularity.

Content Marketing consists in drawing the attention of potential recipients to the brand with valuable content. For example, if we are producing baking powder, a great move would be to include e.g. recipes for cakes on the blog. Such entries will certainly be useful to our current customers, will warm up the image of the brand, and will also attract new customers who will visit our website looking for recipes.

Popularity of Content Marketing

Is this approach to advertising popular? To answer this question, it’s enough to understand that over 55 million entries, 500 million tweets and four million blog posts appear on Facebook every day. A large part of these entries belongs to enterprises that implement content marketing strategies in this way. Such enormity of information certainly indicates the popularity of Content Marketing. Unfortunately, it also makes it very difficult to stand out and attract recipients. Due to the fact that the amount of created content is currently much larger than users could receive, their attention is only attracted by the most attractive information provided. That is why, remembering that the competition is not asleep and also cares about the website of its company, it is important to contribute to the fact that the content we publish is even better.

Although the amount of content that goes online every day exceeds the processing capacity of its recipients, it would be a huge mistake to recognize that too much content is being created. As many as 75% of people making purchases online are influenced by the content on the site. For this reason, every company tries to “arm” its brand with articles, posts or graphics, attracting potential customers. It is also worth remembering that high-quality content has a huge impact on positioning.

To be appreciated by the recipients, you must provide them with the highest quality content. It is worth noting that it is about content in a very broad sense, it cannot be limited to texts, it is also worth using graphics, videos and all other forms of communication that will affect the positive perception of the site.

Many people are certainly wondering – is this type of action a modern invention that has its source on the Internet? None of these things. Advertising techniques consisting in offering the recipient various types of attractive content in order to draw attention to the brand, worked well long before the invention of the Internet.

Why prepare a content marketing strategy?

Unfortunately, publishing content alone is not enough. It is very important that the activities have a consistent message that meets the client’s needs. That is why there is a need to develop a content marketing strategy. Thanks to it, all published content will be consistent and adapted to the specifics of the industry and the needs of individual recipients. Organized action will allow you to stand out from the competition and be successful.

You can think of strategy as planning your performance in a competition in which the main reward is to draw the attention of potential customers and, as a result, encourage them to use their services or purchase products. Without victory in these difficult competitions, there is practically no chance to be noticed.

That is why the right strategy is the key to success. Unfortunately, despite the rapid development of advertising on the Internet, the awareness of many entrepreneurs is still small. According to research, as many as 63% of companies do not have a well-defined and documented strategy. Without it, online success is just a matter of chance. In the event of failure, all the effort and resources invested in online advertising are wasted.

A huge number of companies ignoring the need to have an action plan on the Internet is excellent news for all aware entrepreneurs. By resigning from the strategy, such companies make the results of their work accidental, which makes it easier for companies that will stick to the plan to stand out.

Content Marketing and positioning

Content Marketing brings many benefits, and one of them is the positive impact of positioning. Publishing attractive content on the Internet not only warms up the brand image and makes new customers reach us, but also affects the site’s ranking in the search ranking.

By placing valuable articles on the page, we influence the authority and credibility of our website. It is worth remembering that these are factors appreciated by Google and affecting positioning.
In addition, there is a chance that users who like the content of our site will place a link to it, e.g. on social media.


If you want your brand to stand out on the internet, you need to offer recipients interesting content that will capture their attention and encourage them to visit your site. It will be helpful to establish a coherent strategy of action in advance, which will ensure that every move will be planned and its result predictable. How to develop such a strategy? You will learn this from the next part of the guide, which will appear soon.

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