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Affiliate program – what is it?

Affiliate marketing is not new, but is gaining momentum every year. For advertisers it is a chance to attract new customers and achieve their business goals, and for publishers – it is an opportunity to earn money by promoting specific products / services. Find out more about the affiliate program and see if this method is also good for you.

Affiliate program – what is it?

The affiliate program is the alternative name for affiliate programs run as affiliate marketing. It can be described as internet marketing technique, which involves conducting activities not directly by the seller, but by independent marketers and publishers.

How does the affiliate program work?

The affiliate program is based on cooperation between the seller and partners. Its essence is the advertiser (seller) delegating marketing activities to partners. In return for the effects of their activities, they receive commissions.
It is worth emphasizing that the partners have virtually unlimited possibilities of action. They use available techniques and methods in any way – so that the developed strategy brings the expected results.

Participants of the affiliate program

Although the core of the affiliate program is the advertiser and publisher, there are more participants.

– Advertiser (seller) – informs about the promoted product and provides a specific creation.
– Affiliate network – provides the received creative to publishers.
– Publisher (partner) – places product information in the form of an affiliate link.
– User – clicks on the affiliate link and goes to the advertiser’s website and then purchases.

It is worth emphasizing that partner programs are also possible without the affiliate network. However, many advertisers choose to use it because:

– allows advertisers to establish relationships with publishers,
– manages tracking,
– manages payments.

Types of affiliate programs

Although the essence of how affiliate programs work is actually the same, there are different ways of billing between the advertiser and the publisher. That is why three main types of affiliate programs are distinguished.

Pay Per Lead (PPL)
Pay Per Lead should be understood as payment for a specific action that the user will perform after clicking on the affiliate link. It can be e.g. filling out a form, leaving contact details, subscribing to the newsletter, etc.

Pay Per Sale (PPS)
Pay Per Sale is a type of affiliate program that focuses on sales and purchases. This means that the publisher receives a commission from the advertiser when the user clicks on the affiliate link and makes a purchase. The remuneration is a percentage of the value of the subject of the transaction.

Pay Per Click (PPC)
Pay Per Click is a type of affiliate program in which the settlement is based on clicks made by users. Payments are made regardless of the number of products sold. Due to this fact, there are few affiliate programs settling on such principles, because they often do not translate into sales effectiveness.

It is also worth emphasizing that there are two types of affiliate programs:

– one-level – the publisher receives remuneration only for its own activities,
– two levels – the publisher receives remuneration for its own activities and the activities of the team it created.

The important role of affiliate links

When talking about affiliate programs, mention should be made of affiliate links. It is thanks to them that the user gets to the advertiser’s website, and the publisher receives remuneration.

An affiliate link is a unique URL that redirects potential customers to the advertiser’s website. Thanks to this, we know what part of the sale comes from the affiliate program. The advantage of affiliate links are unlimited possibilities of use. It is a comprehensive tool that can be used regardless of the type of marketing activities. These types of links can be placed in multiple channels at once, e.g.

YouTube channels
– social networks,
– discount websites,
– thematic websites,
– internet forums,
– search engines and product comparison websites.

Affiliate program – where to start?

If you are a salesman and want to achieve your goals, you must first create an affiliate program. The next step is to invite publishers to participate. Although you can create a publisher network yourself, it’s better to get started with affiliate network support. It provides all the technological facilities, tools for publishers, as well as tools that allow you to track statistics useful during campaign optimization.

If you’re a publisher, you can search for advertisers on your own or, as with sellers, join an affiliate network. Thanks to this, you will not only gain access to active partner programs, but also the certainty of proper settlement of sellers.

Affiliate programs – is it worth it?

Affiliate programs are a marketing technique that has mutual benefits – both from the advertiser’s and the publisher’s point of view.

Low advertising cost
The advertiser bears much lower advertising costs because the publisher is responsible for conducting marketing activities. Depending on the type of program selected, for example, the seller may only be billed for sales, thanks to which he ultimately bears a lower cost compared to independently conducted advertising activities – even if the sales commission is quite high.

Chance for an attractive salary
A publisher participating in partner programs has a chance to get a high salary. It is adequate to the efficiency of marketing activities, which motivates to intensively promote the product. It can use any tools – so as to ensure the highest possible conversion.

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