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Advertising an online clothes store – how to reach customers?

Do you run an e-shop with clothes? It can be a good business idea – especially since the number of fashion lovers comes from year to year. However, if you want to be successful, your website must become visible to users and attractive enough to make them buy from you. That is why thoughtful advertising of an online clothes store is so important. How to lead it to achieve success? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

The e-commerce industry is developing dynamically, and the number of people who decide to buy online is growing every year, and the pandemic has only accelerated this process. Clothing and accessories are among the goods that we buy most often on the Web. This is good news for you, but you also need to remember that along with the demand to buy outfits online, so does the supply. That is why it is so important – apart from an interesting, unique offer, good prices or well-thought-out brand building – an effective advertisement for an online store with clothes.

Advertising of an online clothes store – what does it consist of?

The world of on-line advertising is extremely vast. That is why there is a lot of tools waiting for you with which you can promote yourself. What can you choose from? The key solutions are:

… And therefore advertising conducted mainly in the Internet search engine. If you are not on Google, you do not exist. If you want to increase your reach quickly, you can invest in advertising on this site. Its key aspect is the so-called sponsored links, i.e. those displayed to recipients above the organic search results, at the very top of the page.

But that’s not all. The Google advertising platform also gives you the possibility of conducting campaigns on external portals – a link to your website will appear there in the form of a clickable banner.
A hellishly effective form of advertising clothes is also Google Shopping – a tool that gives you the opportunity to run product campaigns directly on the search engine page. When the customer enters the name of the product you have in your assortment, your store’s offer – with a photo of the product – will be displayed directly to him, along with the price. It therefore increases the likelihood of conversion.

Advertising of the online store with clothes in social media

Fashion is a topic that arouses wide interest among Internet users. That is why it is worth reaching them, for example, through promotion on Facebook or Instagram. First of all, use the basic and free promotion tools – run your store profiles in key social media and present interesting styles there. You can also actively contribute to groups related to fashion topics. This way, you will increase your organic ranges step by step.

Paid advertising tools offer equally many interesting options – in social media, just like in Google, you can precisely define the target audience and the purpose of advertising. Regardless of whether you want to increase the visibility and awareness of your brand, or support a specific promotional campaign and increase conversion – you can choose the form of communication that will bring the best results – e.g. remarketing.

Content marketing

Content marketing will work especially in the context of image advertising and website positioning, but also as a supplement to other promotional channels. For example, by running a blog on your e-shop’s website, you can present your own valuable content on social media profiles, and at the same time support long-tail positioning. But that’s not all. It is also worth remembering about sponsored articles – posted on fashion portals will allow you not only to build valuable links with references to your e-store, but also increase the visibility of your offer.


Activities related to increasing “organic” visibility in search engines are a complement to classic advertising campaigns and one of the key elements of effective e-store promotion on the Web. In this context, it is worth taking care of the optimization of the online store for search engines – i.e. supplement it with valuable descriptions of categories, subcategories and, if possible, the products themselves, or build a strong link profile and optimize images.

Effective advertising of an online clothes store, i.e. what?

Just learning about the tools with which you can promote yourself on the Web is only the first step towards making your online clothing store advertising a real success. It is important both where and how you run the campaign.

It is worth remembering that:

Clearly define the target group to which the advertising message will be directed. It will depend on what clothes you offer – e.g. women’s or men’s, youth-style or rather business-style. It is worth outlining specific customer personas so as to personalize the messages prepared for them.

Clearly define the purpose of the conducted advertising campaign – the ultimate one is, of course, the improvement of sales results, but … the marketing funnel is much longer. Therefore, image-building campaigns that build brand awareness or aimed at acquiring leads also work well – e.g. in order to be able to run a mailing campaign later.

Configure ads correctly – although advertising panels on Google or Facebook seem quite easy to use, in fact an inexperienced user may set the campaign parameters incorrectly, and as a result – waste the communication potential. The subsequent optimization of the campaign is extremely important in order to invest money as effectively as possible.

Observe the results of ongoing promotional activities on an ongoing basis – monitoring with the use of analytical tools will allow for possible corrections or drawing conclusions for the next campaign.

This article, of course, only generally answers your question about the preferred forms of advertising for an online clothes store. However, take a look around our blog – you will find here a lot of inspiration and knowledge on various areas of marketing that will allow you to make an informed decision.

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