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Marketing guides – a database of proven knowledge

Regularly published expert articles are popular among managers of companies associated not only with the marketing industry. Almost every enterprise entering the next phase of development should focus on continuous learning. It is worth recalling marketing guides from our virtual library of the Paraphrase-Online Knowledge Academy, which stole the hearts of our customers and fans!

In a global and increasingly complex world, information has become a valuable resource, and some experts consider it to be another factor in production. There is no doubt that building the company’s position based on valuable information is necessary for the holistic recognition of macro-environment. Many determinants of success are hidden, especially at the very beginning. With the increase of experience and competence, acquired knowledge and skills allow economic entities to reach further milestones. That is why we have marketing guides for you that cover specific areas in the subject!

Marketing guides that are worth knowing!

The following list contains marketing guides for e.g. positioning of company websites and targeting. This is an area of marketing that has an increasingly greater impact on the current financial results of enterprises both in the micro and SME sector, as well as for larger organizational units. Knowledge of SEO issues and efficient use of effective internet advertising tools allow reaching recipients who would be difficult to be interested in the offer in the analog world. Here’s a portion of the necessary knowledge available at your fingertips:

Google My Business. How to create a Google business card?

During the first meeting with the client, a positive or negative image of the company is created. This also applies to virtual space. It is therefore worth ensuring a good impression, even when sometimes it is only about one look. An internet user browsing Google Maps or using a search engine is familiarized with brief information about the enterprise. This is the result of using the Google My Business advertising tool.

Google tools that every business should know

It is widely known that the internet giant founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin has a huge impact on the fate of a large part of enterprises. The list contains a few words of introduction regarding selected and in our opinion the most important tools from the point of view of company management. You don’t know what Google Ads is yet? Or maybe you want to get new information about Google Trends?

Content Marketing step by step

Content is king? Sure! Nothing has changed in this respect for years. It ignites the imagination of your customers. He builds your image. He sells, supports the positioning of your website and builds strong brands. You can learn about how to write, how to structure content, where to draw topics and inspiration, as well as what content is simply the best.

Blog in business

As our cyclical articles have repeatedly proved, focusing on content marketing can bring measurable benefits to a company. As competition grows day by day, it’s worth to stand out with unique content. An excellent method to increase the interest of potential customers is to run a blog. The organic reach gained in this way will boost the website in the search engine ranking.

The guide provides practical information on determining recipients of texts and a brief introduction on different styles of communication with readers. Adapting to the preferences of specific groups allows you to establish a better relationship, which directly translates into gaining customer loyalty. When they receive a reliable source of information, which is also interestingly written, they are much more likely to use the company’s offer. It’s worth trying because Internet users will catch inaccuracies within a few minutes and point them out in the comments. You can always count on it.

In addition, the beginner blogger’s manual has knowledge about the use of key phrases and tools that facilitate their selection. It is worth being up to date with the ranking of the most popular searches to always accurately describe the issues that are currently bothering customers. This is the only way to stay in the turbulent waters of business competition.

SEO guide. Lessons that will bring you to TOP10

Our blog is very popular. Through it, we provide a lot of substantive knowledge and current SEO information. We decided to gather the most important lessons in one place so that everyone could benefit from a compendium of knowledge. Journey through the next issues contained in the blog is both a great adventure and a source of reliable information. What will a thriving manager find there who intends to improve his company’s website statistics?

The lessons are arranged in such a way as to move from general knowledge to more and more specific issues. We devote a lot of space to explaining that page optimization is a multi-step process whose success depends on at least several factors. The blog also includes practical tips on, among others recommended image file size or the importance of page encryption. Even the appearance of a pageview with 404 error can affect! In order not to get ahead of the competition, SEO issues should be known inside out.

Transcript from the conference ‘SEM campaigns of the future’

As experts in the field of contemporary trends and marketing solutions, we devote additional time not only to sharing knowledge through the written word. We are also eager to visit industry conferences. This was also the case in September 2018, when speakers from appeared at the event “SEM campaigns of the future”.

Martin Grossberg talked exactly about machine learning in Google Ads campaigns. He presented in detail over the forty-minute lecture all the most important aspects of planning, implementation and evaluation of activities. In turn, Ireneusz IwaƄski and Marek Walas presented specific strategies for optimizing Google Ads campaigns in the context of automation and machine learning. In their opinion, content optimization based on good quality data allows to obtain positive results. The subject of the speech was to develop the issue of implementing budgetary, efficiency and portfolio strategies. The lecture ended with a discussion of case study, i.e. translating these issues into business practice.

SEO guide for services

More and more service providers are using the optimization knowledge. This is a large group of entities. No wonder, since in the economies of highly developed countries the share of the service sector is growing all the time. The guide is adapted both for those who are just starting their adventure with optimization and for those who already have some experience. The publication contains basic information about the essence of positioning and adapting the website to Google requirements.

A lot of space was also devoted to content marketing, i.e. content management. Creating on the Internet is slightly different from analog writing. Key phrases and a number of other elements should be taken into account that have an impact on the effectiveness and reach of messages. Everything you should know about SEO in the services sector is on this blog.

SEO guide for e-commerce

A large group of our customers are online stores. Regardless of the industry they represent, each activity must be tailored to the requirements of e-commerce. The problem of online commerce is the so-called abandoned baskets, i.e. initiated transactions that ultimately fail. Appropriate SEO activities together with marketing automation tools allow to reduce negative phenomena, and thus – to contribute to successive revenue growth.

The publication contains reliable information on issues such as positioning, optimization of meta tags, adding customer reviews or encrypting the sales platform. In addition, the blog describes the rules for adapting the original appearance to the specific settings of mobile devices.

Google Ads lessons

Everyone who intends to stand out in the market should read at least some tips on running a Google AdWords campaign. We guide readers through this fascinating but trapped world. To avoid mistakes, use our hints. In this way, the planning process smoothly goes into the implementation phase, and when the time comes for summaries and evaluations – you can open champagne for the joy of increased revenues.

The following pages contain information on determining the purpose of the campaign and its budgeting, the selection of keywords and the thematic scope of content. The following sections provide guidelines on scheduling and measuring conversions. The practical blog was prepared by a Paraphrase-Online specialist who has many years of experience, so the publication is certainly a source of reliable and current knowledge.

A guide to effective action on LinkedIn

There is also a position in the library of the Paraphrase-Online Knowledge Academy that allows you to learn the rules of acquiring customers on the LinkedIn platform. There are many possibilities, but one thing is beyond doubt – business without a presence in this social medium is much poorer. Content management is not limited to creating a company profile. The blog tells you when to apply for paid solutions, and when you can limit yourself to free options.

Guide to online video campaigns

Almost from the beginning of its presence on the Internet, YouTube was doomed to success. Today it is the largest video platform that brings a lot not only to Google, but also to individual users. Thriving companies like to focus on video content marketing. And rightly so, because it brings a lot of benefits. What? You can read about it in our vademecum.

Effective marketing guides are not everything we have for you

Marketing guides are not everything! An extremely popular solution proposed by Paraphrase-Online is the possibility of using two tools that allow you to have all the numbers related to website optimization under control. The first is a website audit that allows you to check your website in just 20 seconds for optimization and the requirements of different types of devices.

The second suggestion straight from Paraphrase-Online is the Google Ads audit. This time, after 40 seconds you can get information on the evaluation of the campaign being implemented. Regardless of whether the result is positive or negative – it is worth contacting us and our experts will choose the right solution. After all, the competition is not sleeping and the world is rushing ahead, so you always have to keep your finger on the pulse of marketing.

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