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How long do you have to wait for the positioning effects on Google?

The team from, managed to draw quite interesting conclusions that shed light on the time that is required for sites to get high positions in Google. As everyone knows – every day hundreds of new websites are created, competition “grows” almost in every industry from day to day, it is no different in organic Google results, which translates indirectly into a systematic increase of time needed for good positions on Google. The experiment itself lasted a year and is not new, but it is still valid.

Directly in the description of the movie published on, we read:

Our data shows that the average time to obtain a position on the first page of the ranking takes about 3 years, and only 5.7% of all surveyed websites are in the top ten search results within 1 year for at least one keyword.

Those of you who are planning to start positioning your website immediately relax – our experience shows that these data can actually be translated into more developed markets like USA, UK or DE.

This is the percentage that spreads the time that is needed to obtain the position:

– Only 5.7% of pages, TOP10 was achieved during the year,
– 19.5% of websites occupy positions 11 to 100,
– However, almost 75% remain outside the first hundred, which in theory has zero or negligible traffic from organic search results.

Persons responsible for the experiment, draw further conclusions, and more specifically dependence – the value of DR (Domain Rating – ahrefs domain rating) and positions. Parties with a higher DR coefficient manage to get better and higher positions much faster. The DR coefficient itself is calculated based on the power of links leading to the domain.

How many days the pages needed to occupy the appropriate positions, it is shaped accordingly:

There is a certain dependency during the “embrace” of the position depending on their link profile, the larger the DR, the faster the higher positions are occupied:

– DR domains = 80 – 9% obtained positions from 1 to 60 days, 47% within 60 to 121 days, 22% within 122 to 182 days, 6.7% 183 days to 243 days

– DR 50-60 domains – 9% received positions from 1 to 60 days, 41% within 60 to 121 days, 22% within 122 to 182 days, 8.7% 183 days to 243 days

They have in mind the above, which is why an important aspect is the regular acquisition of quality links (although this concept has no definition, we will try to bring our perspective on this aspect closer below).

Our definition of a qualitative link (at least approximate):
– come from a domain with a high Domain Rating,
– come from the subpage with high UR (URL Rating – another coefficient showing the “power” of the relevant subpage),
– the website should have adequate visibility in Google (it can be measured, for example, via the Senuto tool),
– be thematically related or even appear in organic results for the same or similar keywords,
– of course, have natural traffic on the site.

The experiment once again proves that positioning websites is a process that requires time, and thinking about cooperating, secure an adequate budget for this “investment” and be patient. In case you are interested in near-instant results, we recommend Google Ads campaigns.

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