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Content SEO friendly – content in an online store

Content is king – it is not without reason that this sentence is often repeated in the SEO environment and people running online business. It is widely known that content posted on the site is of key importance in onsite activities. For this reason, in our today’s article we will deal with everything related to content. Where to put it, in what quantity and what should be in the texts to improve visibility on Google.

Why this content?

Before we get to know the guidelines for all kinds of content placed on websites, at the beginning it is worth considering why we need them at all. They help increase both the number of search impressions and sales.

We can distinguish two reasons why content is created.

The first of these is values flowing to users. We should remember that online stores are run primarily for customers, so it is worth encouraging them to familiarize themselves with the offer. The home page is a showcase of the company, we should present our business on it and show the user why shopping on our website is worth it. Not without significance is the writing style, which should be properly selected for the target group. Content is therefore a great way to build a lasting relationship with the user. Very often, however, it turns out that when entering our site, the user knows what to expect from it. For this reason, the content is placed at the bottom of the page so that the most important categories or products for users can be in the foreground.

The second purpose for which content should be placed on the page is Google value. The inclusion of relevant keywords that will show the search engine what we do will prove to be significant in achieving high positions in the serpentine. For this to happen, we must also take into account the uniqueness of the texts and their naturalness. This type of content will definitely be rewarded by Google, which is much more willing to show in the search results valuable pages that provide the most information, especially those valuable to users.

Properly constructed content is a key element on the site that is supposed to inspire the trust of both users and search engine robots.

Where do the content have to go and what are the most important features?

The content should be properly in every place of the online store. So we will place it on the main page, categories, subcategories and products. The rules for formatting text will be the same for all components of our site. However, their content will differ, which should accurately describe what is on a given subpage.

So what should content contain to make it valuable not only for Google, but also for users?

– Headlines
This is a key element that increases the number of entries, which sets the hierarchy of importance of content on the page. The correct structure of the text should contain one H1 heading and two H2 headings. They will show users the most important aspects of their business, and including keywords will help them increase their position on Google. You can read more about headers in our previous post: What are website headers?

– Keywords
If we want to ensure high positions in the SERP, we must not forget that our content contains the right number of key phrases for the main page, category or products. In this regard, attention should also be paid to the appropriate variation and synonyms of the most important words, so that the texts will look more natural. We do not have to worry about Google – his robots perfectly understand numbers, declination or cases. Remember, however, not to overdo it with the number of key phrases, as this may be considered a manipulation, and our site may be subject to a penalty. Content with a length of e.g. 300 words should contain max. 2-3 unchanged keywords matched to a given subpage.

– Text formatting
This is important for customers for whom the content becomes more readable and transparent. It is much easier to read the text, which is divided into paragraphs. This is also appreciated by Google, for whom users and their convenience are the most important. In this case, the use of Black Hat SEO, i.e. hiding content by setting the font in the background color will be severely punished by Google.

– Internal linking
Added in the content will help users navigate our site, and placing links to categories or products in anchors on the appropriate keywords will positively influence the position increase in search results.

Now that we’ve learned the most important features that content should contain in an online store, let’s consider what are the guidelines for the texts on individual subpages:

– Content on the home page
– Content on categories
– Content on products

1. Content on the home page

The content on the home page is designed to provide users with as much information as possible about what our business is about.

– Total text length: 300-500 words.
– The text must be unique – it cannot appear on any of our other subpages (eg in the “about us” tab). It is important that it is also not copied from the competition.
– The aforementioned appropriate text formatting is welcome. The content does not have to be compacted in one block, on the contrary – its division into several paragraphs, located in different places on the main page will look more aesthetically pleasing. However, remember to set appropriate headers ..
– The description should include information about the company and what makes it stand out and what is on offer.
– The content should also use references to individual categories on the page (internal linking).
– Use words that can be used by users who are looking for a given product.
– It’s worth using epithets and synonyms that will expand the words for which the page is displayed in the search engine.

2. Content on categories

The texts on the page of individual categories and subcategories will saturate them with content, which will increase the number of phrases for which they are displayed in search results.

– Total text length: 250-300 words.
– Uniqueness is also very important here – copying from other sites is not recommended.
– In this case, remember also about proper formatting: division of descriptions with headings, placing in them bolds and skews containing the name of the category, their distinguishing features and relevant information for users.
– In the content it is also worth adding internal linking to product pages or other categories.
– The content should contain information about:
a) the category to which it relates (the main keyword will usually be its name),
b) differentiators by which users can search for products in this category,
c) producers of goods in this category (it is worth to name them at least),
d) major products or related categories.

3. Content on products

The content on the products will be created analogous to the category, but they will differ in terms of substance.

– Total text length: 200 words.
– Uniqueness once again. The content should not only be copied from manufacturers’ websites, but also should not be repeated within the store – for similar products of the same brand it is worth using paraphrase.
– It is advisable to divide the content with H2 headings, it may also include a few italics and bolds on the keywords, i.e. usually the name of the product.
– The description should be a combination of user-friendly and search engine-friendly content.
– Remember to link to products from other related categories.
– The content should contain information about:
a) the type of product (what is: boys pants, dress),
b) distinguishing features, after which users can search for the product (color, material, size / size, other characteristics),
c) the producer (it is important that his name appears),
d) the specific model name should also be included.

Duplication of content and uniqueness of texts

Our entire article is mainly based on one simple principle: the content on the page should be unique. In this way, we eliminate content duplication that is severely punished by Google robots. It is also important for users who, once again encountering the same product descriptions, feel frustrated, resulting in leaving our online store. There is also a risk that the text we copy, e.g. from the producer, is covered by copyright, so there will be painful legal problems.

The introduction of properly optimized content on the page is crucial for positioning. The result of adding content to the site is an increase in the number of views in search results, and thus also organic traffic, which also directly translates into the sale of online stores. In this way, we confirmed the thesis that content is king!

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