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How to check copywriter skills and competences of a copywriter agency?

Good content is the basis for effective activities in the field of broadly understood internet marketing. However, what if – despite the extensive knowledge of the products / services offered – you are not able to put specific words in the right words? Hire a copywriter or copywriter, but check their skills beforehand. This is important if you want the content ordered to bring the expected results.

Anyone can theoretically be a copywriter – and most people come out with this assumption, which can often be seen in ongoing assignments. Some think that writing is easy, because what is the difficulty of creating a text based on many source materials. While a dozen or so years ago the group of people writing custom-made texts was quite narrow, now there is a fashion for being a copywriter.

What does this mean for you – as a company commissioning the creation of lyrics? On the one hand, more copywriters mean more competition and the ability to negotiate rates. On the other hand, there is a greater risk that you entrust the text to the wrong person – one who, although he has the most sincere intentions, will not be able to create good quality text.

How not to make a mistake and choose a good copywriter?

Nothing prevents you from reaching a good copywriter. trial and error method. This is a good solution if:
– you have a lot of time and you can wait for good text,
– you have a large budget and are able to pay for texts that you will never use.

However, I assume that you are not going to waste time and want to immediately start working with a copywriter that will meet your expectations. To make this happen, it’s worth checking his skills at the beginning – you will do it in a few simple steps.

A. Read the texts on the website
The copywriter’s website is his business card and it can be a valuable source of information about the quality of the texts offered. However, just as you don’t judge a book by its cover, you shouldn’t just limit yourself to this step. Writing texts for one’s own needs is completely different than commissioned.

B. Review the portfolio
The portfolio is another element thanks to which you can get to know the copywriter’s workshop. You will learn what type of texts he has on his account and what subjects he undertook. However, you must remember that the portfolio includes only selected projects – usually these are the best works. Therefore, it is worth making a correction – especially if the quality leaves much to be desired.

C. Have the sample text written
There is no better way to verify a copywriter than to check your skills in practice. Therefore, write a sample text on the topic you specified. Thanks to this, you will find out whether you expect such style and quality. However, here too, you must bear in mind that the sample text will be written with special care – because who would not like to do the best. So if in this case you have any bigger reservations, it makes no sense to cooperate.

How to check the competences of a copywriting agency?

There are far fewer copywriter agencies than freelance copywriters, but in this case you can’t make blind choices. You can easily check her competences, thanks to which you are likely to establish fruitful cooperation that will not end with a single job.

A. Get to know the website
The copywriter agency will definitely have its own website on which you can make your first selection. Although you can expect a slightly different nature of content, you can easily evaluate texts in terms of quality.

B. Check the implementation
Past implementations can tell a lot about the agency’s competences. Familiarize yourself with the portfolio to assess the quality of texts other than your own. You already know that these are written completely differently. Warning! If you are going to commission the agency to write a highly technical text, see if the company was dealing with this type of implementation. It is also worth verifying whether the agency has already carried out orders for this particular industry.

C. Have the sample text written
Just like in the case of freelancer verification, you can also ask the agency to write a sample text. Warning! If the sample text meets your expectations, make sure that the same copywriter will carry out the correct task. Thanks to this, you will avoid a completely different person creating target texts.

Review the sample text

To find out about the copywriter’s skills, evaluate the sample text you received. It is worth doing in at least three fields.

A. Possible Errors
The resulting text should be error free. While some factual errors can be turned a blind eye (especially in difficult and specific industries), spelling errors are not acceptable. It is good if the content is also free of linguistic or stylistic errors. Remember! Since serious mishaps occur in the trial text (certainly “pimped”), you are likely to expect more faults in target orders.

B. Verification for duplicate
Duplicate content is unacceptable for two reasons: one is duplicate content seen through Google’s eyes, and the other is ethical issues related to the theft of someone else’s work. If at least part of the text is a faithful copy of other content, there is a problem. You are not sure if this will not happen again in the future. However, take into account what results from the duplicate fragment. Perhaps the full name of the act repeats, or are these formulas required for descriptions of dietary supplements, etc.? If so, then the copywriter is somehow justified.

C. SEO Rules
Although the text is intended to be targeted at potential customers, it must also be Google friendly. Therefore, it should meet at least the basic principles of SEO, including contain specific keywords, different headlines, highlights of key fragments, etc.

It’s not just the workshop that counts …

Although the quality of the texts ordered plays the most important role, not only the workshop matters. If you care about long-term contacts, you need to consider several other aspects. They are slightly different when working with a copywriter and different when working with a copywriter agency.

Cooperation with a copywriter – freelancer

If you intend to cooperate with a freeelancer, it is worth paying attention to two main issues.

A. Contact
Note the communication with the copywriter. How fast does it respond to emails? Does he answer the phone? This is very important because it allows you to immediately exchange messages and avoid misunderstandings, etc.

B. Agreement
The agreement protects not only the copywriter’s interests, but also yours. So sign the document, taking into account many key issues, including scope of work, deadline, penalties in the event of non-performance.

Cooperation with a copywriting agency

If you want to work with a copywriting agency, it’s worth:

– ask people from the same industry if they have used this type of service – perhaps they will recommend a specific copywriting agency,
– contact the agency’s client and ask about the assessment of the course of cooperation,
– talk to a company employee from the same industry about cooperation with a copywriting agency, e.g. on the occasion of an industry meeting, conference, etc.

The volume of the order can help in making the decision – if the scope of work is to be large, then it is better to report to the agency. Why? Freelancer may have a problem with the timely implementation of a large job. Regardless of whether you decide to cooperate with a free copywriter or you want to establish cooperation with an agency, ask about the possibility of signing the so-called confidentiality agreement. This is an important issue – especially if you are going to provide sensitive information about your company.

The above tips are just a few of the most important issues that will make finding a copywriter for long-term collaboration easier. The basis is not only limited to the portfolio, but also decide to prepare a sample text – even if it is to be paid.

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