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SEO for software house and IT companies

IT is a branch of industry that at the moment seems to be more resistant to turbulence on the global market. It seems that in the age of pandemics and the world threatened by the coming crisis, the broadly understood IT market is still branching and greening.

The demand for IT services and the relatively easy threshold for entering a semi-professional position (e.g. creating simple websites) creates a lot of competition. The Software House branch seems to be particularly crowded, with websites building websites and other solutions necessary for conducting online business such as b2b and b2c applications as well as integrations and modules for popular storage platforms or those related to relationship management, like sparrows on the roof. with clients. High competition means the need to invest more funds – financial and time – in working on standing out and reaching new potential customers more effectively than competitors in the industry.

SEO for Software House – a starting point for online business

Brand recognition and presence – regardless of the industry – is built using a whole set of tools. Depending on who our potential client is, the dominant channel will be social media (Facebook, Instagram, and for a younger recipient – also TikTok) or search engines. In the article below, we will focus on expanding your visibility in Google search engine and SEO for software house.

In the case of Software House, the website is not only a business card of the company, but for many potential recipients – the first project implementation in the company’s portfolio. If the site is unrepresentative, resistant and not adapted to modern standards. It’s not just about the look of the page, but more about how the page behaves in the browser, how web robots see it and, above all, whether it can be found in the search engine.

Does the position of the page matter – a handful of statistics

Why is presence in SERPs so important? Just look at the statistics – over 93% of online experience starts with a search engine. However, just finding yourself in search results for a topic thematically related to the industry is unfortunately not everything – the position of our website is also important. As the article indicated above – 95% of users decide to click on one of the first results, and the further from the first position, the chance of clicking decreases.

Achieving a high position requires not only adapting to trends in website design, but adapting your site to the rules of the game imposed by Google, which are to facilitate the use of the Internet to end users – men and women who may not always boast of the fastest internet connection on market.

A good position requires appropriate actions – technical optimization in accordance with Google guidelines, optimization for keywords. This is where space for seo appears – the basis for building position in the search engine.

Step by step – specify the purpose of the SEO actions taken

Determining the measurable goal of marketing activities makes it much easier to analyze them – determining whether the goal has been met, which actions and solutions have worked, and in the case of less spectacular effects than intended, specifying what did not work as expected or which work should be deepened. Objectives will vary depending on the organization, while those that the Software House brand can achieve with the help of positioning certainly include:

A. Generating more website traffic – the increased number of search engine visits usually translates directly into a larger number of people interested in the offer and using the services offered.
B. Building brand and expert position – Internet users usually have a better opinion about companies that appear higher in search results, especially if their pages find answers to their questions.
C. Obtaining interest of a specific group of recipients.

Defining the goal will help you choose the means that will help you meet it. Drawing a destination is especially useful when creating a basic list of phrases that will be considered in the seo process. Determining the more or less defined “finish line” of positioning activities will also allow for the selection of appropriate solutions. This is also important because of the budget that the positioner will have during cooperation. More about this in the next steps.

Step by step – keywords for the software house

With a set goal, you can pre-define a group of phrases to focus on during SEO.

Most people who decide to position with an SEO agency would like to see their site in Top3 for phrases from the so-called “Short tail,” i.e. one or two word constructions. These short phrases usually generate the most searches, which also makes them highly competitive. In many industries, despite a large number of searches, these types of terms do not convert very well. Short terms are usually too general and ambiguous to match the user’s search goal.

By generating results for the query “website” Google matches the responses related to the phrase, but each is from a “different fairy tale” and can differently meet the user’s need:

1st position – Wikipedia, definition;
2nd position – wizard;
3rd position – website price;
4th position – wizard;
5th position – guide on how to set up;
6th position – definition;
7th position – wizard;
8th position – creating pages;
9th position – creating pages;
10th position – creating pages;

By adapting to the specific needs of the user who is looking for information and addressing these needs in the title and description of the page, we increase the chances of getting to the top5 results and clicking the searcher. For this purpose, keywords from the so-called “Long tail” – phrases, consisting of several words, referring to more specific issues. These types of phrases can usually not boast a dizzying number of searches, but unlike phrases from a short tail – they usually convert much better.

By entering a more detailed query in the search engine, the customer can be immediately directed to the appropriate part of our offer – in this case, information on the costs of placing a website based on the WordPress system. The search results for this query also contain advisory content, e.g. blog entries dealing with price formation.

Long-Tail, or how to effectively reach the seekers?

Product pages – with specific product specifications or longer content – usually have blog entries that address specific issues.

When choosing keywords for website positioning, it’s worth focusing on what makes your business stand out from the competition’s offer and use this knowledge. When working with a positioner, it is also worth referring to your experience and base phrases on what customers have asked about, e.g. prices of additional services, issues of removing faults on the site, or installing additional solutions.

It is worth remembering that the actual number of keywords that are positioned throughout the process is much higher. They include, among others phrases with a similar set of words but with a different arrangement. The scope of phrases during the contract can be changed – expanded to include words that will allow you to expand the visibility of the new offer or remove words that do not satisfactorily meet the objectives set at the beginning of SEO activities.

Step by step – Website analysis and optimization activities

Determining the goal of selected marketing activities and determining keywords is just the beginning of the path to achieving results in the form of website traffic and new customers. The next stage is adapting the website to Google search engine guidelines.

Google provides several documents in which it indicates which elements should be noted. There are, among others, guidelines on how to share the site with web robots. Google also places great emphasis on adapting the site to the needs of the user – starting from the speed of the site, through navigation, to the intuitiveness of use. Among the elements important for the search engine are:

– blocking some content in robots.txt;
– creating valid title and meta description;
– creating headers according to the hierarchy;
– structured data tags;
– intuitive navigation;
– content;
– speed optimization

and other. At the beginning of the guide, Google calls these changes “minor modifications”, but this is not always true. Proper preparation of optimization, implementation and control of its effects is a task extended to the entire period in which seo-related activities are carried out.

SEO – a mix of knowledge and experience

Introducing guidelines only according to Google manuals is not always effective. The person who implements the optimization must also take into account the trends in the search engine and changes in the algorithm, which the Google guide has not yet been completed. Experience in this type of work also helps to gain high positions and increase visibility. The developer, whose task is primarily to build a website and give it appropriate functionality, devotes his time primarily to training in his field – searching for new CSC hacks or testing new libraries. The developer and positioner view the site from a different perspective. The task of one is to provide an aesthetic and functional website, the task of the other – to adapt it to display in high positions in search results. Working out optimal solutions satisfying both sides will certainly increase the reach of the site, i.e. achieve one of the intended goals.

During the seo process, it is important for software house parties to learn about the competition – the above-mentioned keywords, the technical solutions they use, e.g. the schema tags they use, to help expand search results.

However, watching the industry is not everything – it is also important to take care of your own site – first of all the speed and the way it is seen by network robots. The positioner, analyzing the data collected by a number of tools, will indicate solutions that allow you to speed up the website, without changing its functionality or appearance.

However, the introduction of optimization is just the beginning of the process of positioning your IT services. Control, analysis of introduced changes, their modification – “keeping an eye on the pulse” in accordance with the adopted strategy is the best way to gain and maintain high positions in Google in the IT industry.

Step by step – Blog and offside activities

One of the goals of positioning may be building an image of a software house company and placing it in the position of an expert. To this end, it is necessary to place a blog within the domain. Regular publication of expert content – written in a specialist language, but explaining the complexities of the IT world in a way accessible to a potential customer, is also a good way to update the site and “invite” robots. The entries may include descriptions of projects that the company has faced, creative problem solutions, reports from industry events and guide content on common problems with websites or applications.

Professional and interesting content readers are happy to pass on – through social media or by placing links to our site on their sites. This also creates a natural link profile that Google values. Content that is linked to more good quality links is rated higher by web robots and helps the site move to higher positions.

Building a valuable link profile is also taking care of the appropriate diversification of inbound links are another of the challenges that should be entrusted to seo specialists. Obtaining the appropriate links to the site from trusted and proven sources will allow you to complete the next steps on the way to achieving the goal set at the beginning.

Seo – it’s time to appear on the Internet for good!

Preparation of a positioning strategy requires delving into the industry and learning customer expectations. It is worth basing the selection of measures that are to help you to break above other Software Houses on the experience of search engine visibility specialists – which will allow you to achieve the intended effects faster.

Are you planning to take your Software House above the competition? On our blog you will find effective tactics and what changes to make that will convince web robots to highly evaluate your website. Fight for high positions and successfully position with!

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