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How to write an article? Step by step guide

Articles are a basic element of every blog. This is not a difficult matter, but it is often time-consuming. In today’s post, we will present you with a few simple steps that will improve your work, save time and gain new readers.

Select the topic you want to describe on your website

To write an article on a website, we first need to know what we want to write about. The situation seems banal, but everybody writing articles knows that writing suddenly turns out that we are changing the subject. We planned to describe one and in the meantime came up with another idea to the head and described the second one. Therefore, before starting to write, it is worth writing down in 2-3 sentences the exact thought that we want to convey to the reader.

Check your article

Everyone makes mistakes, bigger or smaller. Therefore, before posting, check your post again. Not only in terms of spelling but mainly in terms of content. Also, it’s always good to use Paraphrase Online paraphrasing tool. While spelling mistakes are quite easy to catch, punctuation may be more difficult. The same situation occurs in the case of so-called typos, i.e. accidental, incorrect writing of a word in which the order of letters is changed, for example, instead of taking care of. Besides the fact, when we were writing an article ourselves, it may seem very clear and understandable to the other person, who is not familiar with the subject, it may seem quite the opposite. For this reason, as far as possible, it is worth giving the other person an article to check. For example, when you write on technical topics, it is a very good idea to give the person who is not familiar with the technical topics to check the article. Describing technical nuances so that everything is understandable is not easy at all.

Think about SEO

If you run a blog, you want to be read, have your fans or constructive commentators with great certainty. Therefore, remember about website positioning. Do not let the articles you have devoted your valuable time lost to in the dark depths of the Internet. WordPress for this purpose has an excellent plugin called Yoast SEO.

The text itself is not enough

Even the most brilliant text can be broken. How? For example, by using an unreadable, small font or too little spacing. Appearance matters. If the font used will make it difficult to read, the reader can and will finish the current article, but will avoid reading the next one on your website. A very good idea is to add a distinctive image. When there are more entries, it will be easier to find the reader in a tiled layout with a thumbnail image. When editing each entry, to the right of the editor, under the tags is a panel in which you can set a distinctive image. Of course, you do not have to create your own graphics, you can take advantage of the huge resources of free images available on the Internet.

Writing articles is a pleasant activity, but without the above points it can be very time-consuming. That’s why we encourage you to follow these steps. This will be beneficial to both you and your readers.

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