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Do Plagiarism checkers detect paraphrased content?

Content writing is now one of the main online platforms which are growing with rapid speed. Day by day, we see the addition of new writers.

Content writing can be working as an individual author, writing search papers for institutions, blog writers, groups of writers who write for companies as well as for web content, research articles, proofreaders, copywriters, social media content makers, digital marketing content, product descriptions, infographic content and many more.

As many as these categories, thousands of writers post their work online daily. Sometimes a writer wants to write on a topic but it is already written and published by some other author, but many content writers create their content on the same niche and there can be higher chances to get matched by the published article. This matching is either accidental or intentional but it will fall under the term of plagiarism.

How writers can know that their sentences are matching with other writers published articles.

As technology is improving day after day, it is easy to find out if its content is plagiarized with someone else’s work. It can be detected by using a plagiarism checker. The plagiarism checker will detect the plagiarized article sentence by sentence. For the ease of writer, it will then highlight the plagiarized content. So, later the writer rewrote the article.

In the modern world, it’s getting easy to rephrase your plagiarized work. As today we have a range of Al paraphrasing tools that can easily remove the plagiarized content by replacing the words or changing the sentences and their structure. 

It will not be wrong to say that writers simply love this tool as it saves time and effort to write the entire content. They simply just have to copy-paste someone else’s content and paste it in a paraphrasing tool.

This tool will change the structure and sentences of the plagiarized content by using synonyms of the plagiarized words. It either rewrites the entire article in one go or do it line by line. After paraphrasing, the writer gets a fresh plagiarism-free article.

If we discuss the word plagiarism then it is not a new word in the field of content writing. Most writers instead of creating their content, just simply use the previously written article or reports and paraphrase it.

Articles they get after paraphrasing usually show no grammatical error and a 100 percent originality index. Writers later publish these fresh articles on their pages with their names.

In this article, we will discuss whether plagiarism checkers detect paraphrase content? And also discuss exactly what plagiarism is all about. 

What is Plagiarism?

For those readers who are new to this word, or don’t know about what plagiarism is, it is taking someone else’s work and presenting it as yours.

In simple words, plagiarism is stealing someone else’s hard work and rewriting that article, and publishing the final product on your web page or the internet like yours.

In earlier days, it was difficult to detect if someone was submitting plagiarized content or not. It was technically very difficult to track the plagiarized content manually.

But nowadays as technology advances, it is easy to detect plagiarized content. If you want to check the plagiarism of your content, you can just simply copy the content and paste it into a plagiarism checker.

You can check plagiarism online. Plagiarism checker software make it difficult to rewrite the article but some paraphrasing tools are still helpful to remove plagiarized content but remember, plagiarism checkers can detect plagiarism in paraphrasing and it is known as Paraphrasing plagiarism.

It can be avoidable if you know how to paraphrase the sentence.

How Plagiarism checker detects paraphrased content

The plagiarism checker simply detects the plagiarized content in paraphrasing as well by the mistakes and repeated words in the content. If someone writes the quotes in proper formatting, plagiarism checkers will not detect the plagiarism content.

But most of the time, writers are in a hurry to submit the work and to submit the work they just simply paraphrase their content. Writers further do not proofread the article and submit it.

Later it comes with the similarity index as most of the time the paraphrasing tool just replaces the first letter of the word or changes the synonym. Nowadays, plagiarism checkers are getting advanced. 

Through their new algorithm, plagiarism checkers perform searches throughout the internet.

They check their database as well. As most of the paraphrasing tool sites are not authentic or use some outdated writing tools, plagiarism checkers detect them and compare them with the similarity index database, installed in its system. 

In other cases, writers don’t write with the exact formatting in which the content was written, which as a result is detected by the plagiarism checker.


  • After plagiarism check detects the paraphrasing plagiarism in their content, not only he has to face the shame but also it affects his growth as a writer.
  • Publishing the plagiarized content on the internet will result in a decrease in traffic to its webpage.
  • As a freelance writer, it will leave a bad impact on its client, and in the future, he will not contact the writer and also leave a negative review on his web page.
  • In some cases, clients complain to the site and maintain their reputation. The site blocks the writer from working on his page.
  • It will result in an economic crisis for the writer.
  • Plagiarism affects the business owner as well if his business depends on product reviews. Not only had he lost the reputation of his company but also the trust of their clients.
  • However not every plagiarism checker can detect paraphrasing but it will not be worth the risk.
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